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Bears and remaining 2020 Hunts.

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Were looking for 2 more Spring Bear hunters or a group of 4 to take a whole week of hunters. Spot and Stalk or baited, or combo of each. Rifle or Bow, Spot and Stalk reduced to $3250 USD, Baited for $3850, or pay $4200 and have both options! 6 day hunts includes guiding, accommodations in our comfy full amenities camp, meals, non alcoholic beverages, airport transport, trophy prep, 1 bear, wolf license and fishing. 2 bear available for a trophy fee.

1 Archery Mule Deer hunt left. September 1st-7th 2020. optimal velvet dates. $6500 plus taxes.

2 Whitetail Hunts left. come with a buddy and get the hunt for $3500 each, plus taxes.

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